Kilmarnock 2 Hibs Girls 5

Hibs travelled West to Kilmarnock for a friendly game. The two Scottish teams are both participating in the Gothia Cup in Sweden in July. 

Prior to the game League Chairman John Quinn presented the league championship trophy to Hibs captain Nuala Deans.

Hibs were without Diane Fyfe, Kim Little, Natalie Ross, Emma McCulley and Claire Weir and played Goalkeeper Corrie Davidson as a striker. Corrie rose to the challenge scoring Hibs first two goals, Danielle Weir, Kaydee Low and Kayley Ralton added to Hibs tally. 

Hibs and Kilmarnock will take part in a training game at Edinburgh Academy next week to keep both sets of players ticking over before heading for Sweden.     


Scorers Corrie Davidson (2) Danielle Weir, Kaydee Low, Kayley Ralton

Photographer Alan Lomax

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